Sigur Rós, Staralfur 

starálfur star-owl-vur (u is like the "eu" in "deux")

© Fat Cat


Waiting for the sun 

Os títulos de antigas músicas (clássicos pop/rock), devido à distância, criam agora novos sentidos.
Wainting for the sun dos Doors, será que conduz a Here comes the sun dos Beatles ?
Falta pouco.


Elliptic Ecliptic  

Elliptic Ecliptic A, 1999

Elliptic Ecliptic B, 1999

Elliptic Ecliptic C, 1999

Elliptic Ecliptic D, 1999

By cutting holes and building rooms within the infrastructure of galleries and museums, James Turrell takes everything that is artificial about the experience of looking at art - enclosed rooms, artificial light, recirculated air, lack of physical touch - and makes it real again.

© eyestorm

Manhattan Skyline  

We sit and watch umbrellas fly
I'm trying to keep my newspaper dry
I hear myself say
My boat's leaving now
So we shake hands and cry
Now I must wave goodbye

Kings of Convenience, Manhattan Skyline

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